Friday, January 3, 2014

Mother Daughter Hair stories

I have inherited dry and curly hair from my parents . I do not know from my father or my mother, as both the sides share the same hair stories. And I have seen my mother go through a lot of trouble taking care of my hair in every way that was possible for her.  

So before my baby was born I was a little anxious about that. I secretly wanted her to have my curly hair as nothing beats the uniqueness and beauty of it (and it looks so cute on babies), but I was also worried about the high maintenance aspect of it. 

Well my baby managed to inherit the beautiful silky hair texture of her father's side... and guess what? I sighed with relief :P 

Yesss!!! what you see below is my hair and its natural. 

Now being a working woman and a busy mother of a really active toddler I don't really get time to "Recharge my hair". I just try to oil regularly and follow some tips that sunsilk has in the gorgeous website. Recharging  my hair keeps my worries away and i can play with my toddler nonstop all day long, be it in the park, the beach, building sand castles or while enjoying the sunroof with her during a drive without worrying about the mess. Trust me .. when curly hair dries naturally it looks awesome.

A ve
ry close to heart "mother - daughter" experience I would like to share here:
My mother was a dedicated pink Sunsilk user throughout her life .. I think ever since it was available in India. Like right from her college days till today. Never seen such brand loyalty ever. I believe every mother's scent of her hair stays in the children's memories and they always remember it. For me it is the old pink sunsilk.

I generally document my "mother  daughter" stories in my other blog "life with sanvi"  you can find more stories there.


Neeraj Kumar said...

Soothing,simple yet strong in approach.

Really enjoyed reading your entry.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

I have natural curly and dry hair as well. Best of luck!
By the way, sweet pictures. <3
-Crystal (My Hindi Heart)

charu said...

so..well written mridu.:) absolutely enjoyed every bit!

mridu said...

Dear Neeraj, Crystal and Charu ..
Thanks for stopping by my blog.. glad you liked it.

Canary said...

Sanvi is the cutest daughter in the world!!! God bless her :)

mridu said...

Thank you so much Canary :) Trust me .. its a bliss.