Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mass Bhaji (Fish fry)

The best way to fry fish is with mustard oil for Assamese cooking. And the best thing for the fire is definitely fire wood.
Maagh bihu (Bhogali Bihu) is a festival in Assam which is celebrated after harvest. And is is also celebrated with family get together and community cooking and feasts. If you want to describe Bhogali Bihu in one word, its "F-O-O-D". I would settle for 2 words ... :P .... that would be
"G-R-E-A-T F-O-O-D"

Delicious Steamed River Fish :)

Dear all, I am back after a long long time. With my new found love for traditional cooking, I feel all energized and with high spirits.

This is a very simple dish I tried at home the last time, when I went to visit my father, in Assam. I dint know that would be the last time I will be seeing him. But I am glad we all spent some quality time together.

Its a traditional dish cooked in Assam, where we use very simple ingredients to steam fishes. Its super healthy and has no spices in it and for sure it tastes delicious. I saw it the first time at a friend's place in Delhi. His name is Tridip and he is an amazing cook. His cooking energy and my husband's love for traditional Assamese food has inspired me enough to start this new adventure :)

I will try and keep a good pace with blogging from now on.

Bon App├ętit