Saturday, May 30, 2009

In my head ?

Chai is an inseparable thing for me :) Summers of Ahmedabad also could not keep me away from it.
chechi :)
An illustration inspired by a sketch i saw long back, dont remember whos :( Indian Mythology inspired.

The KMC (Knowledge Management Centre) at NID (National Institute of Design, India), is a treasure.

Traks back in time


My Notebook .. or rather My head :)

Some doodles

Friday, May 1, 2009

Promotion without Advertizing??

Is there a way of promoting something without really literally advertising and marketing for it? A cause? A group? Today we walk out in the streets and we see promotion and promotion and even more of promotion everywhere. From a neighbourhood tree to the electricity poles, from our boundary walls to the shutter of a shope, every where somebody is just promoting something.
Talking from the Indian context, it might me a political party, a homeopathy clinic, a ganji-janghiya local company, a sex cure clinic, a tution class from nursery [hah! grrr!] to class X , a company selling reinforcement rods, or electric appliances, it can be just anything. Our Indian walls are not spared of advertising of anykind. Few examples can be seen in this interesting link.
My question is where does ethics stand here? And how truthful is advertising. I was doing some reading about it and i came across this intersting link on promotional products and they also discuss about how the world would look without these products? If we scrape them off will this result in scraping off all the colours from our towns and cities and neighbourhood? Here is the link.