Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mass Bhaji (Fish fry)

The best way to fry fish is with mustard oil for Assamese cooking. And the best thing for the fire is definitely fire wood.
Maagh bihu (Bhogali Bihu) is a festival in Assam which is celebrated after harvest. And is is also celebrated with family get together and community cooking and feasts. If you want to describe Bhogali Bihu in one word, its "F-O-O-D". I would settle for 2 words ... :P .... that would be
"G-R-E-A-T F-O-O-D"


charu said...

welcome back mridu.. :)will look forward for more.. and please share the recipe also.

mridu said...

sure dear drypastel :D

IndianTopBlogs said...

We found your blog interesting, so 'spotted!' it. Hope to include it in our June review.

mridu said...

Thaks a lot :) i will be glad