Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Relationships ......

How complicated are relationship? how do we actually look at this R-word? And how seriously or how deeply do we take it? They add so many meanings to our lives, to ourselves as a person - as individuals. We learn, we love, we fight, and then we learn again.

Metaphors are wonderful tools to express. And the metaphor for a relationship that i can think of is 'a building'. Being an architect may be i cant think of anything beyond buildings. A long term bonding that grows with time. These are the building blocks of the structure. They form the foundation ... with every brick made of trust, faith and the feeling of belonging. With every sacrifice and compromise, with every forgiving and letting it go, we build it. Not looking at what we are missing ... may be we should look at what we are getting out of it. Cause its a long term commitment. These are like long term investments. The goal is the long term happiness for which we do the short term deeds which includes things we love to do and things we hate to do as well. Cause every time that person smiles .. it just drives you to live a few days more than you are actually gonna live for.

so guys, keep loving. its wonderful. trust me. ;)