Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Juries @ NID

day after tomoro stars our jury. and i am still at the scenarios preparations for my project. i swear i'm gonna get bashed if i don speak well coz i hardly have any slides prepared. its gonna b an open jury and people are really curious to know wen are the graphics jury beginning?? they had a lot of fun last semester in our jury.

NID has wonderful was of evaluating students. we present our work , talk about them... the jury responds ... then coms the time for feedbacks. and guess wat... its not just the jury pannel who gives feedback or criticizes ur work . it can be just anyone ... a n y o n e ...... present over there. and everyone can say just anything n u gotto b good enough to take that. 
don wanna get bashed this time. lord save me.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Came across a very very interesting term today. he he. Guess wat? "Agree-culture".
Its true that India is a nation of Agriculture. but it is also so very true that India is a nation of "AGREE-CULTURE". Thanks to Tarun and Suresh. this joke came up while we were attending a senior's jury today. Well said actually. We tend to agree so easily. It amazes me and frustrates me at times too. this is somthing just crossed my mind out of frustration. dont bother to even look at it. why dont we question and just nod huh?