Tuesday, August 26, 2008

introduction to specialization

so its time now 2 write down something really serious. enough of fooling around. being a graphic design student and that too in the second year, i can say that now i am at a stage from where i can see the various possibilities and scopes and routes in which i can move forward from here. so where am i now?

well i would rather say i am at a crossroad and can clearly see all the arrows and signage which are directing us to the innumerable paths we can take from here. this is so confusing. i donno where i am heading to. after the visual narrative course we had... which we are still to finish and i can see we are very cunningly avoiding the discussions and submission dates. but we have to face it by the next week probably.

getting back to what i was saying ... where do i go from here now? the answer is "yeah, i can see a hazy picture" and the path is really misty ahead and to find out what lies beneath, i have to start my journey.

so this journey from a "non-designer" to a "designer" is a real big time story that i can narrate som other time. well, i would not exactly say "non-designer" coz my journey into the field of design started long ago in the year 2000 when i joined in as an architecture student. after that 2 yrs of work and the suddenly NID happened. but now after these milestones, which i'll not say i ever set, its time now to set the rest of the milestones.

the question now is where do i go now from here? to get rid of this confusion, Tarun (our faculty and graphic co-ordinator, NID) had this "introduction to specialization" thing in his mind, in which the big-shots from the industry, of the graphic design scene of india, come n share their works n views with us. it was for 3 full weeks. they shared their works, their views on anything and everything, as designers and individuals. they shared their views not just as designers and individuals but also as individuals dwelling in a society. the society of which we are a part of and is responsible for all the good and bad that is happening directly or indirectly. and as designers we hav the potential to make a difference to this very same siciety.

so the first was "Anthony Lopez" or commonly known as "Tony Lopez" who owns "Lopez Designs" new Delhi. www.lopezdesign.com

he is our alumni and he convocated  15 yrs ago. he is known  for branding and identity designing for organizations and companies. he spoke mostly on environment graphics, branding, brand strategy, brand architecture, management, etc,etc,etc.... i must confess the 3 days session influenced me enough to want to be a part of this branding crowd in the design scene. coz it was really amazing to know the kind of power and responsibility you hold in this and its so intense that it can even make or break a brand.

next was Poulomi Shah, who is a book designer and spoke about the various aspects in the process of a book design and its production. she is with "Mapin" publications based in ahmedabad. which was interesting but i kinda realized that book design is not my cup of tea. the amount of patience u need is just unbelievable. but again this is somthing we cant avoid being graphic designers.

next was "Sanjeev Bothra" . he is also our alumni. he mostly spoke about "development communication ". development communication is a powerful medium. it is more like workin directly for the people. our course was for a week. but its strange. sanjeev being a design educator, designer and a meditator, planned the course in a very interesting way. the first 4 to 5 days we didn't talk about work or design at all. wat we exactly did was "talking". not just with each other but to ourselves as well. 
the early morning meditation classes were refreshing. he has a completely different outlook to ever question or issue we used to com across. its only with him that we came to know our "mission" in life and yes we came across it by ourselves. he just showed us the way and we r here. he spoke about "ethics" n how important they r for every individual. how tough it is to stick to them and yet so easy if the vision is clear in ur mind. 

life is guided with various events. the story goes on n we hardly ever realize how wonderfully things just happen and how much potential we as individuals have to give our best to things and at-least try n get things right.

sanjeev is a person i must say has influenced my entire way of thinkin. there are so many things i want to write but not under this topic. will update later.

at last we had "Shubrata Bhowmik" the ad-guru. he is actually a textile designer and is an internationally known designer. he spoke about advertising n how it is possible to keep ur originality yet be stylish in your work. he is known as a graphic designer. we were amazed to see his spontaneity n frequency. he has won several awards and ya sure he's an influential person with a great persona. 

in the end i can just say these people we met ... are all so different from each other with so different outlooks and point of views .   

Friday, August 8, 2008

nothing to loose

i m feeling all strangled to death today. seriously wanna kill myself. i cant breathe. if i could just scream out loud.