Saturday, December 27, 2008

e-life : with simplicity comes complexity.

I was talking to my friend charu about how complex our lives have become with the things which are meant to make our life simpler. was discussing about the childhood days. oh how i miss those days... when mobile phones were not there, when there was limited electricity and lives were so simple, with so much less to worry about. I remember i architecture days, when we used to sit hours near the hostel telephone waiting for our parents to call us. At that time it was kinda boring, but i realize now how we used to write letters and how important and special those were. which i treasure till today. as we don't write letters anymore.
with the introduction of mobile phones, life has become so simple. u worry, u just call and u feel better. no one actually misses anyone you see? there is no space to miss. u miss and u talk. u worry n u talk. as things are progressing, we can see relationships are getting more and more complicated now a days. you need to constantly assure that u are fine. that u miss and that you still love them. The faith, the trust is loosing. The patience, the impatient wait, everything is missing its charm. as we go on finding more means to stay in touch, more we are finding ways of getting addicted to them and making our lives even more complicated.
Be it is your parents, your friend or your lover. with ease comes more of insecurities. just imagine you stay just two blocks away but one would obviously chose to call and spend a buck rather than walking two blocks to find out whether the friend wants to catch a movie with you or not. I miss writing letters too. as i go through the old letters and greeting cards i miss it even more. as this e-life is being a curse or a boon i don't know.
I miss the times when due to power cuts we brothers and sisters used to sit around the same candle or lamp and study. Now we have inverters and generators. with economic growth, we are lucky to have individual rooms with our privacy. Sometimes I wonder whether we r lucky or actually unlucky to have grown to this level.
I miss being with my cousins. i remember during the early school days when we were kids, during festivals and family weddings we used to bunk school for at least a week as it was so important to be with the rest of the family during a celebration or a mourning. I remember my dad meeting the principal of my school for the leave. how important it was. but now people are busy with their works, everyone is busy in their lives. no one can imagine letting their kids miss school or tutions for a silly family wedding. one representative from one family is considered to be kind enough. I u cant make it then a phone call saying sorry is considered generous enough. i really wonder, is growth helping us? or is it pushing us even away from each others spaces and making us confined into our own spaces. are we moving towards light with the boon of technology? or are we unknowingly emerging or rather loosing ourselves in the darkness of loneliness? do we even realize that we are lonely? do we really want this? or are we just getting used to this?

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